Monday, 15 September 2014

Ellection parties

Investigate The Civilian Party. What are some of their policies?
they want to make hamilton independant
they will give ice cream to people who vote for them
You want to set up a political party in this coming election. How do you do that?

Name your party. Tacocat
Create a policy for
HEALTH Tacos can be used to cure cancer
EDUCATION Students are allowed to leave school when they want to but if they do they cant live off the governments pay so they have to have a job. And the national standard will lower down to 3A to 4B. No more maths
DEFENCE New Zealand will make a trade system with America for military weapons, and together will take over Australia from the Australians and make it part of New Zealand.
BUSINESS Will higher the taxes for the rich and lower for the poor and will lower the currency
ENVIRONMENT New possum, stoats, and pests hunting season.
We will stop our trading system with China and make a new one with America.

1 comment:

  1. I like the name. The best policy is the business one I like this because this is giving everybody a chance to start in the world. I don't think this one will work because tacos can't cure cancer.