Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Invisible Soldier

i think its going to be about either a movie about a futuristic soldier who is invisible and takes out his enemies or maybe there is american technology that makes soldiers invisible and makes the soldier transparent to his surroundings i think both of these because of invisible solider could be a name of a sort of movie or maybe technology,

I have now seen the video and it is a technology but its not just transparent but it actually makes you completely invisible which is pretty cool and also pretty scary i think its cool because snipers can turn invisible with a special suit but it can be scary because it could mess up some physics or the worlds light or atnosphere

Q. How long will it take for the invisible cloak or suit take to make?
A. 8 years

Q. What is the modern technology for soldiers?
A. Camouflage

Q. What is the cloak made out of?
A. A material pattern which can be used to camouflage soldiers in any terrain or environment.

Q. What is the cloak called?
A. The invisible cloak.

A. Quantum stealth technology.

Q. How does the invisible technology work?
A. By bending the light around the person.

Q. who will be wearing this technology?
A. Snipers.

Q. would you need any sort of on button or anything to make it work?
A. No, you don’t need a power source.

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