Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Story of Oliver

Once there was a guy named Oliver and he really liked old shoes and fedoras people always bullied him for that but he was a nice person deep inside he can turn into the hulk known as the fedora hulk who only wears fedoras and old shoes when he is a hulk. Once at a time when he went to school he found a dumpster full of old shoes fedora's and some socks he get 89 pairs of socks 59 pairs of fedoras and 27 pairs of old shoes when he put on the shoes and socks he ran very fast and then after that he put on the fedora and he started flying and he took it off and fell in a dumpster full of radioactive toxic waste after that he started glowing and he turned into the hulk then he put his fedora back on and started flying again he flew into the city to rob a second hand clothes shop. When he went into the clothes store and said to the counter lady in a very low and loud hulk voice "CA N YOUUU PLEASE GET ME SWOME CLOTHES FOR A FREEEEE PRIIIICE" "yes sir we can, but they wont fit you." the lazy lady says "OKKAAAAAY I DONT CAAARE" "ok this will take only a few thousand hours". Two weeks later a helecopter had a giant barrel full of old clothes and equipment ladys and mens and kids size "here you go" says the helecopter "THANK YOUUU, I WILL BE GOIN NOW." the fedora hulk also known as Oliver ran out the door.... "wait why did I give him all those clothes??!!, OI YOU MATE COME BACK HERE YOU LITTLE BUGGA" Oliver ran and ran back to his dumpster and turned back into a normal human "yay" says Oliver "my dream has come true!" and then he lived happily ever after..... just kidding he gets eaten by a giant demented duck and dies.... of childhood obesity.

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